It’s difficult to take Madame Moje’s collection at face value. In its simplest form, it seems to present a convoluted mishmash of colours, zips, lace, and asymmetry. If you’re willing to make your way through the visual labyrinth, you’ll find a unifying thread: elegantly seductive womenswear to fawn over.

Still in its infancy, Madame Moje was brought to life in 2013 by owner Hamed Emitaz and Creative Director Malashnee Naidoo. An applaudable move to show at Fashion Week this soon after awakening. But, isn’t confidence key in this business? Now in its third collection, the label showcased Parisian-inspired pieces for the confident and refined woman. From a design standpoint, shapely dresses with striking silhouettes suggests a heightened awareness of the female form. A keen eye for tailoring is vital to flatter contours. Mission accomplished.

With a lofty goal to “make every woman feel glamourous no matter the time or day”, Madame Moje may well be on its way. Currently, only a flagship store exists in Vancouver, but the brand plans to expand to Toronto in 2014 with Montreal and New York to follow in 2015. According to Naidoo, “When it comes to business and love, you never get a second chance to make a first impression” We would have to unreservedly agree.