As Justin Timberlake said, I’m bringing Sexy Back, the same thing with Madame Moje. The Canadian label surely made a gorgeous statement yesterday. 

Madame Moje is a Canadian Label that is known for their luxurious Ready-To-Wear womenswear. Their designs are more known for their very feminine silhouette.

Using classic and modern the whole collection can be considered timeless. Also each of the dresses are surely flattering to a woman’s body. With a flattering silhouette anyone who would wear their dresses would surely be confident and sexy. Colour blocking was also one element that this collection boast. Aside from gorgeous silhouettes, the collection also sports elegance and can also be seen as playful. In a generation where every woman wants to feel gorgeous, this collection is a sure hit to everything a woman needs for an entire year. ( Like from Cocktails, to everyday look, to shopping with your gals) One really cool element that I really like was the fact that they used Zippers are part of the design features.