Briefly describe the Madame Moje collection, what do you design?

We make clothes that are fiercely feminine and beautifully tailored. We make romantic and sensual pieces using impeccable tailoring, highlighting beautiful silhouettes. Our clothes offer you the versatility to take you from boardroom to cocktail hour.


What’s new?

We have incorporated larger sizes, since we have been inundated with requests for bigger sizes.


Who are your products for?

Glamorous women, who love the sophistication and undeniable sexiness that is put together in one classic style.


Do you make your products yourself, and if not, where are they manufactured?

All our products are manufactured by clothing factories in Vancouver.


How did you get into designing?

This may sound very clichéd, but it is something I always wanted to do. I had always wanted to start my own brand designing clothes I would want in my wardrobe. I have always searched for a certain style of clothes and found it difficult. I have always had the creative edge, and being a chartered accountant did not allow me to explore this artistic visions. With the help of my husband and business partner we are exploring our dreams.


What inspires you?

It depends on the moment. My husband and I travel extensively, so we get a lot of inspiration from our travels. I am also inspired by a woman’s body, movies, fabric etc.


Where do you work?

We have a workshop at the back of our store on South Granville.


Where are your designs sold?

In our boutique at 2843 Granville Street. Every woman wants to walk the runway, and we wanted the design of the store to be the same. The store itself exudes the clothes and it feels like a luxurious indulgence of Parisian flair. A store-length carpet welcomes the client, making women feel like they’re on the runway. The walls are lined with beautiful black filigree and splashes of purple, while the carpet is an eye-catching fuchsia.


What are your ambitions for your label?

To make Madame Moje an international label that has prestige and exudes the class of a brand that is distinguished, glamorous and ultimately world famous.


What’s your price point?

It ranges from $100 for a bolero to $680 for a trench.

Aleesha Harris, Vancouver Sun