Several days after the grand opening and runway show, I sat down with Malashnee Naidoo   and asked her about Madame Moje.
Q1. What is the story behind the name Madame Moje?
A1. I’ve always loved the word Madame because exudes classiness and superiority.  My husband and business partner suggested Moje.  It’s Persian for eyelashes but it personifies the batting of eyelashes.  Madame Moje is the femme fatale that drives the sexiness behind our brand.

Q2. Your site prominently lists you as the Creative Director but your site’s bio also states you’re a Designer.  Are you both?
A2. I am a Chartered Accountant by profession but to be honest, titles bore me.  To answer your question, I do both.  As a Designer I sketch and provide detailed direction to my Patternmakers.  As Creative Director, I’m the vision behind the brand.  I manage the entire process from the selection of sensual fabric all the way to presenting the garment to the public.
Q3. Your debut runway show featured a polished, cohesive yet wide ranging collection.  How long did it take you to reach this point?
A3. I’ve been designing dresses in my head since the age of 10.I’ve even had design ideas come to me in my dreams!  In university I loved styling outfits.  However my family felt it was important to have a traditional career so I spent 10 years in the Finance industry.  Once I made the transition to the Fashion industry it took 5 months to bring my ideas to life. 

Q4. How would you describe your brand?
A4. Fiercely feminine high end clothing at accessible prices!It’s all made in exquisite Vancouver. Our ready to wear lines focus on impeccable tailoring, refined details that showcase beautiful silhouettes. Our clothes offer the versatility that lets you take a look from day to night. 

Q5. Jackie Onassis is one of your style icons.  How does the former First Lady’s style influence Madame Moje’s collection?
A5. Granted Jackie’s sex appeal was classic and subtle.  We’ve just pushed the boundaries a little further giving women sophistication and sensuality.

Q6. Haider Ackermann and Elie Saab are two you design influences.  How do these gentlemen influence Madame Moje’s collection?
A6. Haider has impeccable tailoring, romantic and sensual pieces.  Elie makes feminine clothes for elegant and glamorous women. 

 Q7. Your grand opening and debut runway show featured the Real Housewives of Vancouver.  How did you meet?
A7. Robin Reichman was drawn into our store by the window display. She was amazed by the collection and bought the same dress in two different colors.  Then she suggested she and two other housewives would do a fashion show to showcase the brand. This woman who has the biggest heart established that a percentage of the proceeds would benefit the SPCA.  The timing was perfect.    
Q9. What key piece of advice would you like to share with design students?
A9. It’s great to be artistic and creative but if your work is solely focused on inspiration people won’t buy your work. You must design your collections with salability in mind.  
Q10. Your website didn’t list any upcoming shows or events.  Do you have anything planned?
A10. Yes, we actually have quite a few events coming up. Please keep watching the website for new announcements.