Madame Moje is the newest fashion retailer on South Granville. Officially opened on March 5, 2013, Madame Moje is a brand that’s designed and manufactured in Vancouver, although the clothing gives off the vibe of European design from Milan.

The Madame Moje customer is described as an “alpha female” – ultra sexy yet sophisticated. The styles are feminine, powerful, and seductive. Almost every piece has a bit of extra detailing that makes it all the more interesting. One of the black dresses is a great example – being an LBD, the design team added a vertical line of decorative buttons to the backside, giving onlookers something more to admire.

Another favourite is the leopard print dress that, at first glance on the hanger, may not look too impressive. But the beautifully fitted designs of Madame Moje garments can only be fully appreciated when worn. Even on the mannequin the curved line beneath the bust is brought to life instantly to feature a woman’s best assets. Do yourself a favour and slip of a garment or two to see how well designed the body-hugging dresses are.

The process behind the scenes to get the garment perfectly fitted is incredible. It took the design team 4 times perfect a shoulder strap for a summer dress, and 7 times to improve the pattern of a coat. At times, the team may go through upwards of 7 different samples before the garment passes for production.

Being in the store itself feels like a luxurious indulgence. A store-length carpet welcomes the shopper into the boutique while featuring the Madame Moje logo, making women feel like they’re on a Hollywood red carpet mixed with a catwalk. “Every woman wants to walk the runway, and we wanted the design for the store to be the same,” says fashion director Malashnee Naidoo. The purple inset walls show a pop of colour to the otherwise mysterious black damask covered walls. As you walk into the store, you’re greeted with different collections in “closets,” grouping looks together to offer a variety of different styles. “We wanted the store to exude the modern luxury and style of the clothing,” says Malashnee. 

Malashnee Naidoo and Hamed Emtiaz are the husband and wife team behind the brand. Originally from South Africa, Malashnee is a CA by trade and Hamed an electronic engineer with an MBA. But when Hamed decided to move the family from Singapore to one of his favourite cities in the world, they decided to try their hand at fashion. In less than a year of arriving in Vancouver, the two have already opened Madame Moje and have seen success in the media.

If you’re wondering about the name “Madame Moje,” by now the inherent sexiness of the brand is sure to have warded off any notions of maturity from the word ‘madame.’ In fact, ‘Madame’ invokes classiness, power, and sophistication of a lady. And ‘Moje’ actually means ‘eyelash,’ which conjures up images of the batting of eyelashes, allure, and femme fatales.

Madame Moje also offers a range of handbags and an in-house line of sterling silver jewelry with Swarovski crystals. Stop by the store to see for yourself how luxurious the brand is. After experiencing Madame Moje once, the next time you’re there it will likely be because its allure drew you in, not simply because you were shopping on South Granville.

Madame Moje is located on 2843 Granville St.