To celebrate Madame Moje’s first Christmas in Vancouver, they held a private party for customers and style influencers. Pink was the color and theme of the event. The celebration included pink champagne, pink hors d’oeuvres and pink eggnog. But it did’t stop there. Staff wore pink Santa hats and Pink Madame Moje T-shirts.
The holiday collection kept in line with the Madame Moje brand of being sophisticated but daringly sexy.   The show was a mix of Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer pieces. Malashnee wrote, “I never concentrate on seasons, I am always ensuring my collections are stylish and fiercely feminine. People travel a lot and the seasons are different around the world.”
I had the opportunity to attend Madame Moje’s Debut Runway Show in July. I saw a few recurring design themes but the combination of A-line coat and mini dress was unique. Robin wore the tan version but I preferred the burgundy & black contrast version worn by Kara. With a warm pair of stockings or tights I could imagine someone wearing this to an ice skating rink!